Todo List

An app built for TodoMVC


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Explanation of Code

The code was written for an HTML5 compliant browser.

The todo list app is split into 3 major modules:

  1. The header module which lets users input new todo items
  2. The list module which renders and displays complete/incomplete tasks
  3. The footer module that allows users to filter or clear tasks

A todo behavior is used in the list module to handle events for each individual todo task. This simplifies the overall responsibilities of the module to rendering todos and marking them all as incomplete/complete.

While all modules are independent, each module talks to a service that maintains todo status. The todos-db service manages adding, removing, and marking tasks throughout the apps lifecycle. We could easily extend this service to store todos via another service to the server or in HTML5 local storage.

The router service uses HTML5 history to change urls dynamically and fire application messages. The statechanged message that is broadcast upon navigation is used by modules to update content.

Several messages are used between modules:

  1. todoadded - Fired when a todo is added to the list
  2. todoremoved - Fired when a todo is removed from the list
  3. todostatuschanged - Fired when a todo changes from complete->incomplete and vice versa

Overall, message names should be understandable without explanation.